For Owners/Coaches

Do you need your gymnasts photographed?

Read below to see if we’re a good fit for your program, and inquire about our availability.  Our photo sessions are a fun celebration of the culture and community you’ve worked so hard to build in your gym.


Who we are

At the heart of Capture It Sports, is owner/photographer, Erica Hartman. Erica has been bouncing around the gym since she was 7 years old, and has really never stopped.  She spent 10 years training and competing for Verdugo/Golden State, and another 17 years coaching rec/team for Golden State and TRC.  Pairing that with a BA in Commercial Advertising Photography – she has the kind of experience that puts you, your staff, and your families in great hands.  She is a USAG member, and safety certified.

Janaye Culton and Jennifer Weisner make up our sales and admin team.  They. Are. Lovely.

One of the two will always be on hand to help parents select and order their favorite photos after each session.

Janaye is also known as our retoucher extraordinaire.  Every. Single. Image. that your parents order is hand retouched by Janaye, and then polished by Erica before being sent to print.  We take great pride in offering high quality products and customer service, that really will exceed your expectations.

Though we’re based in Los Angeles, CA, we LOVE to travel – so don’t let distance stop you from inquiring!


What we offer

Team Group Pictures : Erica handles all of the posing/styling so that your coaches can coach. She goes out of her way to help each gymnast shine in their team picture, creating more of a College Style/’America’s Next Top Model’ group shot.  Of course, if you like traditional, she can do that to 😉

Individual Pictures for team gymnasts : Team gymnasts LOVE being able to capture the skills they work so hard on in the gym.  They love seeing how ‘high’ their jumps really go, or how ‘flexible’ they really are… and we love the wide eyed, giggling smiles they get when they see their pictures.  Erica was a level 8 gymnast and knows what they’re working on at every level.  She has great posing ideas that really highlight each gymnasts strengths.

Individual Pictures for Pre-School & Recreational Gymnasts : Toddlers have fun running around in a comfortable, familiar environment.  They explore the equipment we bring (p-bars, mini bars, beam, trampoline, and more) and we play games that allow us to capture their smiles and current skill level.  School age kids have fun showing off the skills they’re learning in class, and we love making them feel like rockstars for it.  We’ll capture everything from butterflies, splits, and bridges on the floor -to- front supports and basket swings on the mini bar.  It really is incredible, how much we can capture in just a 15 min photo session 🙂

Watch this short video below – you’ll see how much fun EVERYONE has during a Capture It Sports photoshoot 🙂


How it works


We provide all marketing materials : Once your dates are configured, we will create a three week marketing plan and send you the guide.  It’s important that we work as partners throughout the process, but we know how busy your staff is – so we utilize a system that works, keeping things easy and efficient.  While we rely on you and your staff to send out emails, pass out flyers and generate excitement, we provide you with all of the necessary tools – making it as easy as possible.

  • 3 weeks before the shoot, we will drop off brochures and set up a display in your lobby.  The brochures and lobby display contain all of the information your parents need for individual pictures, including a link to online sign ups.
  • 3 weeks before the shoot, we provide you with the email templates to copy & paste, and send to your parents.  We’re also happy to log into your constant contact/mail chimp/etc. and set these up for you.


We bring our studio to you :  If we’re photographing your team, we need @ a 12′ x 25′ space, with a 15′ ceiling height.  If we are only photographing individuals, we need @ a 12′ x 15′ space with a 15′ ceiling height.  We are use to being surrounded by active classes, and have our equipment weighed down for safety, so there is no need to clear the gym.  In efforts to maximize sign ups, we prefer it busy 🙂  We will need access to electricity, and have loads of extension cords.

  • On the first day of the shoot, we will arrive about 2.5 hours early to set up.  We like to make sure we have plenty of time to trouble shoot anything that arrises.
  • Each shoot day, we have a blast!  We are warm and welcoming to your parents, and we boost your gymnasts with confidence and pride in their passion for gymnastics.  We have fun!
  • On the last day of the shoot, it takes us about 2hrs to tear down and pack up after the last session.


Individual Pictures: Individual Pictures are complimentary and sign up driven.  To maximize time, we prefer to offer Saturday and Sunday sign ups from 9am – 5pm, with 15 minute sessions back to back.  If there are other days you think would work best, please let us know, and we would be happy to accommodate.   

  • The day before we shoot, we call everyone who signed up for individual pictures; reminding them of their session time, and answering any questions they may have.
  • Each shoot day, we run on time and smile always – our goal is to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Within a 15 minute photo session, we capture a variety of action and artistic poses on the floor, beam, bar and trampoline/air mat – no matter the level.
  • After each session, your parents can sit with our sales team to view and order their pictures.  They are welcome to place an order on-site, with no minimum purchase -or- leave a deposit for an online proofing gallery.
  • We ship all individual orders directly to your parents.
  • As a thank you, we offer staff head-shots while we’re there, and a small stock library including images of your gymnasts – all to promote your program.


Team Group Pictures:  Team Group pictures take an average of 15/20 min per group to pose and photograph, depending on the size.  We can work with your team coordinator/head coach to create a schedule that maximizes their practice time.  We have established a ‘Pre Bill’ system so that all of your gymnasts can be included in team pictures and receive an 8×10 of their team photo, without having to figure out how to purchase it after Picture Day.  We charge $25/ 8×10 print.  You are welcome to charge $30, turning it into a fundraiser for your team.

     How this works

  • 3 weeks before Team Picture Day, the gym sends an email (we will provide a template) that lets parents know that ‘Team Pictures are coming up, and this year, we’re making it easy for your gymnast to be included and receive an 8×10 print of their group photo.’… ‘Their is no need to do anything but show up on Team Photo day, camera ready. Please see the schedule below.’… That ‘On x date, your credit card on file will be charged for x amount.’… and that ‘You are welcome to opt out of receiving your gymnasts team photo and still have them included in the picture. To opt out, please call the front desk.’
  • It’s best to keep a team roster at the front desk so that you can highlight ‘opt outs’ when  necessary.  They’re really aren’t many.
  • A day or two before Picture Day, charge your clients for their team print + tax.
  • Gyms have found this easy to bill this in with tuition, or on a specific date through their preferred system.
  • Parents enjoy knowing that without having to place a separate order, they’ll simply receive a team group picture.
  • On Team Picture Day, we’ll cross references the opt outs with the attendance, and we will invoice the gym for $25/ athlete that remained opted in, and showed up for pictures.
  • 4 weeks after Team Picture Day, we will ship individually packaged 8×10 prints to the gym for disbursement.  They are the only prints you have to pass out 🙂



  • 8×10 Team Picture prints for displaying in your gym
  • Complimentary Staff Pictures (scheduled during picture day/weekend)
  • A small stock library consisting of 1 rockstar shot of each of the gymnasts who signed up for pictures.  These are great to use in your marketing campaigns!

We book up quickly in the spring and fall seasons.  Call or email us to inquire about availability:  / 323-443-5249