Is your gym hosting Picture Day?

You should totally sign up!

Our photo sessions are free with no obligation to buy.. we always say; 'You can order what you like, and leave what you don't.' It's that easy.


Each session is 15 minutes and scheduled back to back.
All sessions take place at your gym.

Having been a competitive gymnast and coach, I know what your kids are working on, and how to capture it. I'm chalk full of pose ideas, and I speak their language :)


Pre-School & Recreational Gymnasts have fun running around in a comfortable, familiar environment. They explore the equipment we bring (p-bars, mini bars, beam, trampoline, and more) and we play games that allow us to capture their smiles and current skill level. Even if they’re just starting out, the fun they're having learning gymnastics is a great milestone to capture.

Team Gymnasts LOVE being able to show off the skills they work so hard on in the gym. They love seeing how ‘high’ their jumps really go, or how ‘flexible’ they really are… and we love the wide eyed, giggling smiles they get when they see their pictures. Our sessions always turn into mini 'Private' lessons, as I correct form and technique, making sure I capture the best of their best.


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See you soon!