Jan 28, 2017
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Thanks for your interest in the Photo Editor/ Retoucher position.  Welcome to step two!

The goal of step two is to see how you would apply your skills to the type of files you would be working on here at The Capture It Collection.  I have a Light Room Catalog of four RAW files in a dropbox folder.
Please complete the following:
1. Import the catalog and process the files.  (Color correct, straighten if needed, local adjustments if needed, etc.)
2. Export both the smart catalog AND psd files.  You will be uploading the smart catalog so that I can see your LR method, and the layered files so I can see your retouching method.
3. Select at least 2 of the 4 images to retouch in Photoshop and set a timer for each image.  Must select at least one portrait and at least one gymnastics:
– Portraits: Fly aways, blemishes, brighten eyes, skin smoothing, contrast, saturation, etc.
– Gymnastics: Straighten horizon line, completely block out/ whiten the background, keep fly aways natural, skin blemishes, skin smoothing, holes and scratches on the floor and equipment, etc.
* Please add anything to this list that you think would make the images more ‘print’ ready, while keeping in line with my style and brand.
5. Save two copies of each file:
– layered psd file
– flattened 150dpi 8×12 png

Rather than send an exact example of what these images should look like, I would prefer you to research the images on my website to get an idea of my style and brand so that we can see how naturally you can replicate that.
I do not expect the images to come back looking perfectly like my work.. rather I’d like to see where your natural inclination and skill meet my need – from there, I can tell how much training will be involved.  If you are having a hard time blocking out the white backgrounds while keeping the gymnasts body lines looking smooth and natural, let me know and I will email you a video link to my methods. I, personally, do not use paths/ the pen tool. But I welcome other methods.  I am really looking for someone with more experience than I, who can elevate the post production areas of my business.

Once all four images are process and retouched, please do the following:
1. Using the same drop box link, create a new folder.  Label it with your FirstName_LastName
2. Upload the smart catalog AND layered psd files AND PNG files
3. Email me to let me know this has been complete.
– Attach the PNG files to the email
– Indicate how long each image took you to retouch
– On a scale of 1-10, how likely do you see yourself working on files like this for 8hrs a day.  1 being not so likely/ I’d hate my job -and- 10 behind extremely likely/ I could do this all day 🙂

If you are still interested in the position, please have the files uploaded by Tuesday, Jan 31st.  On Wednesday and Thursday I will start scheduling in person interviews.
Please let me know if you have any questions.