Tween + Teen Fusion

Are the adults a little camera shy?  That’s ok.  Let’s give the kids the spotlight.  I offer Tween, Teen & High School Senior Fusion sessions that focus on everyone but the adult. We’ll talk about what activities your kids are into – be it dance, gymnastics, baseball, art, music, fashion, etc. – and we’ll style a session around their interests.  Getting them off the court and out of the studio enables us to use juxtaposition to pair vibrant backdrops with their activities of choice – making for beautiful images.  Worried your tweens & teens are a little too moody and won’t be up for pictures?  That is A-OK.  We’re capturing personality, and that means documenting them right where they’re at at this point in life.  Besides, most of the time mood & sass make for great shots to look back on… they’re full of personality.  The camera will love them where they are.

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All sessions include a phone consultation with me to discuss your vision.    Each session is custom styled to capture your childrens personality.  Click the ‘contact’ button above and let’s chat.  Or, simply email/call me at: / 323-443-5249