Session Details


My photography, your style.


Fresh & Stylish.  Beautifully You.

At The Capture It Collection, my photography is about your style.

Whether in the gym, the studio, or out on location, I spend time getting to know your family. I absolutely love real smiles and real emotions. I focus on capturing the family interaction. The candid laughter. The spontaneous intimacy. The silly, the shy, the real.

I am dedicated to creating a relaxed and comfortable setting so that you and your children can have fun and be yourselves; so that everything we capture, is a reflection of who you are.

Because capturing the moments that tell the story of who you are, and the time you and your family spend together is important to me, I focus on personality driven, lifestyle photography.

The Session.

I LOVE the Mini Session.  So much so, that it’s all I offer.  15 minutes for sports, and 45 minutes for family, children, tweens, teens & high school seniors is the PERFECT amount of time to capture a handful of vibrant, personality driven portraits.  I offer Mini Session events in the winter, early spring, summer, and early fall at select locations that compliment the season.  Offering short & sweet mini sessions ensures that everyone remains bright and energetic – it also allows you to capture different looks and activities by scheduling multiple sessions throughout the year. Bam.

At any mini session event, no matter the location, we can style your session to focus on what’s important to you..

FACES: Only want upclose and personal shots of you and/or your loved ones? You got it.  Let’s chat.  We can style your session with great tops/necklines, ties & bows, turtlenecks, scarfs, hats & hair pieces, hairstyles, etc.  – all to emphasize an awesome, personality driven portrait.

FAMILY GLOW: Do you want family portraits that compete with your pinterest boards?  Do you love putting together outfits that scream style & personality?  Together, we can bring your visions to life.  Together, we can make it look like you and your family (or just the kids) belong in your favorite clothing catalog.  AND, still capture candid, interactive shots.

PLAY: Is pinterest a word that’s totally not in your vocabulary?  Does the idea of having to shop for clothes for a family portrait session send you running for the hills?  Not to worry. Together, we’ll find outfits that work harmoniously and already exist in your closet.  We’ll swing on the swings and slide down the slides; we’ll jump off the rocks and stick our toes in the sand.  We’ll play, and I’ll capture your family hanging out.  Together.

FUSION: Are the adults a little camera shy?  That’s ok.  Let’s give the kids the spotlight.  I offer Tween, Teen & High School Senior Fusion sessions that focus on everyone but the adult.  We’ll talk about what activities your kids are into – be it dance, gymnastics, baseball, art, music, etc. – and we’ll style a session around their interests.  Getting them off the court and out of the studio enables us to use juxtaposition to pair vibrant backdrops with their activities of choice – making for very cool, conceptual images.  Worried your tweens & teens are a little too moody and won’t be up for pictures?  That is A-OK.  We’re capturing personality, and that means documenting them right where they’re at at this point in life. Besides, most of the time mood & sass make for great shots to look back on… they’re full of personality.

As you can tell, I want to know what details are most important to you.  All sessions include a phone consultation with me to discuss your vision.    Each session is custom styled to capture yours and your families personality.