The above photos? Compliments of the GodSon.  He’s 12. And the total light of my life 🙂


I am happiest when surrounded by the laughter of little kids, and the love of my friends & family.


I was a competitive gymnast from age 7-16.. a coach from age 13-30.. and a photographer? Well, always.  But I opened my business ‘officially’ in the fall of 2006 after graduating with a degree in Commercial Advertising Photography.  All together,  I’ve been working with kids for over twenty-four years.  I have an insatiable desire to make people smile, a deep love for family and travel, and a passion for capturing those sweet fleeting moments we all want to never forget.


A few fun facts:

– I LOVE coffee.  Any time of day. Boiling over or ice cold. With Almond milk & hazelnut on special occasions.

– I could happily live off of chips & salsa.  Or mojitos in Thailand.

– My boyfriends two boys (9 & 10) have taught me ALL about Mind Craft & Star Wars.

– I’m a sucker for chubby toes & baby rolls.  And puppy dog eyes.

– My first college class [ever] was in Florence, Italy.  Thanks mom!!

– I can’t speak Italian but I sure do know my way around the city.

– I was born and raised in Los Angeles [Silver Lake to be exact] and keep my office close by in Stevenson Ranch.

– I’ve lived in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Portland.  Love. Them. All.

– I still love doing handstands all around the world.  There’s a gallery full of pictures somewhere 🙂